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Professional Loctician Workshop

Level Up Your Loctician Skills

Recommended for experienced locticians

October 27-28, 2019
St. Petersburg, FL

Do you feel that it is time to take your Dreadlock business and creativity to the next level?

Do you want to gain confidence in your work and to offer new services and charge more?

Join the Professional Loctician Workshop and level up your loctician skills with us!

This amazing workshop event will be presented by Your Dream Team:

Alin, creator of Dollylocks Organic Products in St. Petersburg, FL
Ann-Marie, creator of Seienstyle in Sweden
Melinda, creator of Doctored Locks in Spokane, WA
Renate, creator of Dreadshop in the Netherlands

What You Will Learn:

  • How to make professional dreadlocks on any type of hair and do this without destroying your body and being mindful of how you work
  • How to make the perfect dreadlock extension quickly and with a smooth finish
  • How to maintain dreadlocks - the step by step system of maintaining dreadlocks in different ways and correct different issues that clients might have
  • Synthetic dreadlocks - dive deep into different techniques of installing and creation of professional synthetic dreadlocks
  • Dreadlocks products - how can they help you in your work and how can you sell more to your clients through problem solving
  • What type of extra dreadlock decorations etc. that you can offer your clients to accentuate and upset your service
  • FAQ together with Alin, Ann-Marie, and Melinda
  • You will get to meet us and other Locticians to give you the very best real life, hands-on training experience.


  • Exclusive discount on Seienstyle Courses
  • Exclusive discount on future workshops
  • Discount on future purchases of Dollylocks products
  • Aftercare, Consultation & Consent Form Templates
  • Each attendee will receive 4 Dollylocks travel size products of their choice

Any questions? Email Parker at parker@dollylocks.com

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