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Classes are offered at Dollylocks Salon in St. Petersburg, Florida, or classes may be arranged at your Salon. If you are located outside of the Tampa Bay FL area, travel fees will apply. After your training, you will have the opportunity to become a Dollylocks Certified Dreadlock Stylist. Once your skills are developed and your work is up to our standards, we will promote you and direct clients to your salon for no additional fees. Dollylocks will continue to promote you for as long as you maintain your Certification, which is done via bi-annual reviews.

Please contact us at sales@dollylocks.com if you meet the requirements and would like to schedule a class with us.

Dollylocks Professional Organic Dreadlocking System & Dreadlock Maintenance Class

Class Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
Class Cost: $800 per student, included in Teachable.com Vol. 1 Beginner Course
Requirements: Completion of our Teachable.com Vol. 1 Beginner Course and Cosmetology License*. Only Licensed Salons are able to purchase the Dollylocks Dreadlocking System.

You will learn about dreadlocks, everything you ever wanted or will need to know; how to create and maintain professional dreadlocks. This class offers you hands on training with the Dollylocks Dreadlocking System; teaching you how to create permanent natural dreadlocks in 4 to 5 hours! A model will be provided for dreadlocking services. You will also learn how to provide top-notch maintenance techniques for your dreadlock clients. In addition, we will cover:

• Performing client consultations, preparation for you and your client
• Hair sectioning, re-sectioning and backcombing techniques
• Placement, sections and sizing, for perfect dreadlock creation
• Client Relations, scheduling your new services and ordering supplies
• Educating you and your clients on after care and maintenance

*With a Barbering or Braiding License, you can learn our backcombing and crochet technique, but legally you cannot be trained with the Dollylocks Organic Dreadlocking System as it falls under the purview of chemical treatments. You will not be considered a Dollylocks Certified Dreadlock Stylist.

Dreadlock Extensions & Dreadlock Repair

Class Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
Class Cost: $800 per student
Requirements: Completion of online Teachable.com Vol. 1 Beginner Course and hands-on Dreadlock and Maintenance Class

This is an advanced class and must be taken after completing the online Teachable.com Vol. 1 Beginner Course and the hands-on Dreadlock and Maintenance Class. You will learn advanced methods on dreadlock repair, reattaching dreadlocks, lengthening dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions. In addition, we will cover:

• Perform client consultations, assessment and problem solving
• Dreadlock attachment and reattachment, new and existing dreadlocks
• Creating human hair and synthetic hair dreadlock extensions
• Flawless extension attachments with pre-made dreadlock extensions
• Creating length and strengthening weak dreadlocks with human hair
• How to make and be creative with synthetic dreadlocks


Human Hair Extensions

Class Duration: 1 day (6 hours)
Class Cost: $600 per student
Requirements: Cosmetology License or Braiding License

In this class we will teach you how to install Human Hair and Synthetic Hair using natural hand tied methods

Micro-Pinchbraids, an Advanced Weave Technique and HairLocs. Extensions are the best way to increase your income and expand your talent! This class will cover:

•The different colors and textures of human hair
Different types of extension methods on the market, and why not to use glues/adhesives
How to introduce hair extensions to your clients
How to determine qualifying candidates and which method is best to use
Performing a client consultation, with a hair swatch color ring
Educating your clients on how to care for their hair extensions
Sectioning, placement, blending and layering hair extensions
Purchasing human and synthetic hair
Client relations, scheduling new services, and ordering supplies

For Dollylocks-trained Stylists:

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